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Meet Jonathan Pritchard

He is an international business consultant, author, storyteller, and podcaster with 20+ years in the entertainment industry. He has appeared on national television, worked with the senior executive suites at BP, State Farm, and United Airlines. In 2020 he took his broadcast medium skills online to create a video-chat-friendly experience that everyone can enjoy.

Ideal for small-to-medium college, corporate, or private gatherings.

How It Works

It's Online.

This is an experience specifically designed to work over Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, or any other video conferencing technology. Jonathan has professional accounts on most of them, so he can set up the meeting, or join yours; whichever works best.

It's A Party.

Everyone hops on the call together. Jonathan welcomes everyone on board, and makes some introductory remarks explaining how things will go. (Kind of like he's doing right now.)

It's Anonymous.

Jonathan will set up a custom URL for your event. On that page he then embeds a Google form which asks visitors to submit a question as well as a  code name. This way your guests will know when he's talking to them, but nobody else will know who it is.

It's Orderly.

Questions from the form will show up in a spreadsheet that only Jonathan can see. This is how everyone "lines up" for their reading. We do not share this URL before the event to prevent submissions from people who aren't on the live call.

It's Appropriate.

Jonathan will skip any questions/comments that are inappropriate for the occasion. 

That's it!

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